The 9 Types of Collaborators [Infographic]

One size does not fit all. User adoption is no exception.

If you approach your collaboration strategy with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality, your rollout is far more likely to fail. Within an organization, there exist all different types of users that each prefer to work in their own unique ways – some prefer to work in groups, others in silos, some appreciate collaboration tools, others prefer their pen and paper. They also have different needs for the solution – some just need to share files, or manage tasks, or automate processes with workflows.

Learning to recognize the different types of collaborators and their reasoning for loving, or hating, collaboration will allow you to help each overcome their biggest barriers or objections. We’ve compiled the 9 types of collaborators that we typically see within an organization in this new infographic. We’ll be expanding these character personas into guides and articles that will help you identify the different types of collaborators, their biggest barriers to engagement and adoption, and how to reconcile the different personality types so you can build a stronger, more collaborative business.

We’ll begin today by introducing you to the 9 types of collaborators.

Which type are you?


UPDATE: To learn even more about the 9 types of collaborators, take our quiz to find out your own collaborator type and download our benchmark report to see how your results stack up against 10,000+ other quiz-takers.

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