iMeet® Central connects people across teams, buildings, time zones and continents. Build online workspaces where team members rally around a common goal. Share files and centralize communication so you’re more organized and more productive.
  • Workspaces

    Set up and customize private online communities for each department, project, client or need.

  • Cloud Collaboration

    iMeet® Central connects your people, tools and files in a secure, centralized location in the cloud.

  • People

    Control what your teams and individual users can do and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Integration

    iMeet® Central works with the tools that your business already relies on. Use our JSON-based REST API to integrate with legacy systems or build new applications.


    A single place in the cloud for all of your work.

    iMeet® Central streamlines and centralizes your files, communications, projects and meetings into a single system, making you more efficient and effective. You have fewer tools to maintain and fewer passwords to remember. Work from any location, on any device, because when it’s all stored in the cloud, you’re never tied to a desk, a device or an office.

    iMeet® Central works the way you work.


    Know exactly where your projects, files, and resources stand.

    iMeet® Central  combine solid project-management capabilities with robust document management and workflow that allows you to keep track of work in real time, and know who is working on what.  Assign tasks, template project plans, manage resources, track document versions, and share files with your team. Know with certainty that everything is getting done on time and on budget.

    • Project Management

      Template project plans and schedules, set up tasks and milestones, assign roles and reminders, keep track of work in real-time and report on project statuses and resources.

    • Document Management

      Know who’s working on what, who’s changed what, and who needs to still review what … all without 10 different versions of the same document floating around your office.

    • Search

      Search any content within the system, such as documents, files, discussions,  projects, tasks, databases, events and comments. As users upload new content, iMeet Central fully indexes the files – making them available almost immediately for searching.

    • Social Collaboration

      Work better together with the familiar social  features you love. Pull your teams together with status updates, announcements, custom profiles, and online discussions.

    • File Sharing

      Share files internally or externally. Co-edit documents, track versions, log activity, and capture discussions and emails surrounding your files.

    • Web Meetings

      Add online meetings and conference calls to your calendar invites with a single click. iMeet® Central is integrated with PGi’s iMeet® and GlobalMeetTMsolutions for a streamlined experience.

    • Calendars

      Setup group events, plan team meetings, or schedule online web meetings and conference calls.

    • Moodboards

      Create and share private, online moodboards as inspiration for any project or campaign and to help guide a unified creative vision across the team.


    Bring your people together to do better work.

    iMeet® Central connects people across teams, buildings, time zones and continents. Build online workspaces where team members rally around a common goal. Share files and centralize communication so you’re more organized and more productive. Exchange ideas that inspire even grander ideas. Take the chaos out of managing projects.


    Get work done better and faster with fewer headaches.

    iMeet® Central helps your team get more work done by giving you a single place in the cloud where you can automate routine tasks with highly configurable workflows to speed up existing business processes and free up your time for more strategic work. Build custom intake and request forms, quickly initiate new projects from templates, assign roles and tasks, send reminders and route documents and files for approval automatically.

    • Workflow

      Speed up routine business processes by automatically assigning tasks, sending email alerts and more.

    • Online Reviews (Proofs) and Approvals

      Digitally proof, mark up and comment on creative assets, including Adobe, PowerPoint, JPEG, PDF, Word, MPG, AVI, MOV, SWF files and many more.

    • Online Databases

      Set up databases and online forms for business processes, such as work orders, creative briefs, contact management and inventory tracking.

    • Project Reports

      Create, save, and share reports on accounts, workspaces, milestones, tasks and task lists, resources, files, events, time-tracking and users, and you can filter, arrange and group data to keep track of projects.

    • System Logs and Reports

      Report on productivity and trends. Get companywide and workspace-specific summaries of your team’s engagement.


    Get the information you need, when you need it, to make better decisions.

    iMeet® Central provides full visibility into the statuses of all your projects and your team’s productivity and engagement. Dashboards, Gantt charts, audit trails and reports allow you to review project status, project resources, time reports, activity logs, file revisions and more. Slice and dice nearly every conceivable token of information available in project management, calendars, user profiles, workspace properties and more with custom reports.


    Your data is safe with us.

    iMeet® Central runs on a global infrastructure that provides maximum security, performance and reliability so you can work without worry. Our security measures encompass perimeter, network, server, application and data security, and we adhere to rigorous privacy and compliance requirements.

    We know that your files are more than just files – they’re the ideas, presentations, conversations and contracts you use to run your business, and we keep them safe.

    • Security

      Your data is secure and protected from unauthorized access. Count on our rock solid infrastructure.

    • Personalized Support

      Dedicated account managers and a friendly and knowledgeable support team are just a call, email or chat away.

    • Fast & Easy Implementation

      Get iMeet® Central up and running quickly and easily without extensive IT resources. Our award-winning customer success team will guide you every step of the way.

    • Service Level Agreements

      Rest assured, because iMeet® Central is up and running 99.98 percent of the time.



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