Quiz: What Type of Collaborator Are You?

Last month we launched the 9 Types of Collaborators infographic, a fun way to identify some common and quirky workplace personalities. Now we’ve launched a quiz, “What Type of Collaborator Are You?” to help you identify which character you are!

We’re enjoying the buzz around the office as everyone compares notes and thinks about how they engage with collaboration tools.

After the short quiz, you’re given a summary of your type’s strengths/weaknesses, and who you collaborate best with. Find out which collaborator type you are now!

>> Take the Quiz

Post by Grace Kang

Grace Kang heads up search and social media here at Central Desktop. She moderates our social accounts to make sure our community is always up to date with the latest news, contests, and more. In her spare time, Grace can be found with her head buried in a book or experimenting with the latest online marketing tools.