The greatest teamwork GIFs of all time

While putting together our content calendar, we thought long and hard about what people may be interested in reading on the afternoon before Thanksgiving break. Insightful tips on user adoption? Advice on aligning conflicting interests in order to improve your company’s product?

Or how about some teamwork GIFs?

Here are just a few inspiring moments in the history of collaboration.

A mutually beneficial initiative

Best teamwork GIFs

Mitigating security risks via collaboration

teamwork GIFs

Sweat the small stuff – and give props when props are due

Smarter workflow = increased productivity

On the other hand…

GIFs are a great vehicle for schadenfreude, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include the other side of terrific teamwork: the teamwork fail.

Sometimes your teammates leave you hanging

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Sometimes it’s better to work solo

Sometimes you will encounter a collabohater

To understand this sort of behavior, check out our articles on understanding collabohaters and working with collabohaters.

Sometimes you have to play with people who aren’t… great at their jobs


Post by Adam McKibbin

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