Case study: CareerBuilder

Central Desktop case study: CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder’s Natalie Cox

CareerBuilder, as you may very well be aware, is the global leader in human capital solutions, powering job search for more than 10,000 websites. When they needed a new way to communicate with their hundreds of sales partners, CareerBuilder turned to iMeet Central.

“We needed to find something for housing documents and communicating that we could design specifically for the reps who are reselling our products but aren’t actually employed by CareerBuilder,” says Natalie Cox, partner sales strategist.

CareerBuilder leveraged iMeet Central’s document management, online calendars and social collaboration tools to ensure that its many moving parts were moving in the same direction. Instead of requesting materials from managers, sales reps were granted direct access to everything they needed to help sell their product.

In our latest iMeet Central case study, you’ll find out how CareerBuilder:

  • empowered sales by centralizing team knowledge
  • built a community of frequent collaborators
  • kept their resources secure
  • empowered the right collaboration champion to ensure smooth integration and adoption
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Post by Adam McKibbin

Adam McKibbin is the content marketing manager for iMeet Central. His writing has been featured in Adweek, the Chicago Tribune and The Nation, and he’s produced content for some of the leading tech brands on the Fortune 500.