The Usual Clients infographic

Are you dealing with an outlaw client who’s constantly kicking up dust, raising a ruckus and leaving calamity in his or her wake?

You’re not alone.

In honor of all your crazy clients, we’ve just created a new infographic, “The Usual Clients.” Learn to identify the eight types of agency clients, from The Intruder to The Score to  Two Face. In addition to descriptions of some of the characters you love (as well as those you love to hate), you’ll also learn a few simple strategies for how to manage your interactions with them.

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This infographic made me think about my own misdeeds when dealing with agencies. Years ago, I used to work in the home video department of a major Hollywood studio. We were definitely The Arsonist, constantly springing last-minute surprises on our poor, long-suffering agencies.

Which of these clients most resemble yours? And if you ARE the client, who do you think your agencies would say you are?

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Post by Anita Taylor

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