How iMeet Central integrates with iMeet

When we announced our acquisition by PGi, we talked about coming together to lead the charge toward unified collaboration.

We’re taking a big step today with the news that iMeet, PGi’s fantastic online meeting platform, now integrates directly into iMeet Central.

“PGi is excited to deliver a unified collaboration experience to our customers, combining iMeet online meetings with [iMeet Central] team workspaces so business users can seamlessly transition from project-based collaboration to real-time group meetings in one easy-to-use platform,” said David Guthrie, PGi chief technology officer. “This first-of-its-kind integration is part of PGi’s continuing commitment to simplify collaboration for our customers, helping them build smarter workflows that ultimately boost productivity and drive growth.”

How does this look in iMeet Central?


1. Meet now

Looking to summon someone to your next magnificent meeting? Simply by hovering over a user’s profile, you will see an “iMeet now” option, which will fire off a notification inviting that person to join your online meeting or conference call.

imeet-imeet-central-integrationWhen looking at a profile page, you also have the option (below the profile picture) of launching or scheduling an iMeet meeting.

iMeet integration - profile view

2. Join iMeet from your calendar


When meeting time arrives, participants can easily hop into your iMeet room right from the event page.


3. On-the-fly team collaboration

By clicking “Create” and “iMeet,” as seen below, you can quickly set up your virtual meetings as the need arises—and your collaborators can join you in iMeet, with no downloads required for anyone.

iMeetWe’re very excited about this integration, which will help you and your teammates move effortlessly between meetings, calls, cloud-based project collaboration and everything in between. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, and our support team is standing by to assist with any questions.

Post by Chris Redrich

Chris Redrich is an early adopter and strives to be at the convergence of business and technology. As product director at iMeet Central (formerly Central Desktop), Chris is able to express his early adopter personality by creating new products and technology to solve real business problems.