How Sesame Workshop uses Central Desktop to save time and money

Sesame Workshop – maker of the beloved Sesame Street – is a non-profit with global reach, with teams spread out across 140 countries, all reporting in to their New York headquarters. Collaboration and communication can be major challenges for teams of that size, particularly when working on large media files.

At this year’s Collabosphere, Sesame CTO Noah Broadwater delivered an enlightening keynote [full video below] – with the help of some special video appearances  – that touched on the ways that Central Desktop can transform an organization’s collaborative culture and impact the bottom line.

In the past, when Sesame’s international production teams collaborated with New York, it entailed shipping hard drives around the globe. Needless to say, it was not an efficient means of getting feedback on scripts or making video edits. If they needed to brainstorm on a script or record new lines of dialogue, the writers or actors would need to make the trip to the office. Since using Central Desktop, all of that activity takes place in the cloud; with Review+Approve, it’s easy to share proofs and markups on a wide variety of file types.

“What used to take weeks now takes days – and sometimes hours,” Broadwater said. “…It doesn’t matter where [colleagues] are – it doesn’t feel like they are anywhere different. They are somewhere close to us. Our ability to actually share, communicate and collaborate has become real-time.”

By spending less time shuffling data and stuck in holding patterns, Sesame Workshop has more time to do what they do best: make educational entertainment that changes lives. Whether spreading AIDS awareness, teaching tolerance or encouraging healthy eating habits, these are messages that don’t have time to wait.

Post by Adam McKibbin

Adam McKibbin is the content marketing manager for iMeet Central. His writing has been featured in Adweek, the Chicago Tribune and The Nation, and he’s produced content for some of the leading tech brands on the Fortune 500.