Collabosphere 2015 session videos

Collabosphere is always the collaboration event of the year—and 2015 was our best year yet. We’re pleased to share some of our highest-rated sessions with you, from inspirational talks on company culture to nitty-gritty product advice on getting more out of iMeet® Central.

If you’d like to join us in person for 2016, we’ll be announcing a save-the-date in the near future!

Ben Casnocha on “The Alliance” between employee and employer

It’s not uncommon for bosses to start sounding like Sister Sledge when they make big appearances before the proletariat: we are family! But of course you aren’t family, unless you really are working for your Mom & Pop at the neighborhood Mom & Pop.

In our Tuesday keynote, best-selling author Ben Casnocha talked about mutually beneficial “tours of duty” in business, a new framework for greater transparency and clearer individual goals.

“As a manager, think about the ways that you can offer career transformation to your employee that don’t really cost you anything,” he advised, mentioning mentorship and skill-building.

Jacob Morgan on 5 types of innovation models

“Invention plus impact is what equals innovation,” Jacob Morgan said during his triumphant return to the Collabosphere stage (he first joined us in 2013). “Organizations really have to start thinking differently about what it means to innovate, what it means to create new products, what it means to create new services.” How can your organization become—or protect its position as—a hub of innovation? For starters, scrap any idea that innovation is “owned” by any specific team. From there? You’ll want to watch this one.

Claire Haidar on the 13 shared characteristics of future-forward organizations

Happy work. Sounds like an oxymoron? It absolutely shouldn’t, says productivity expert Claire Haidar. In this talk, she details the reasons that the companies that are best equipped for the future of work are also some of the happiest places on earth (no offense, Disneyland).

Dawna Ballard on finding balance in the age of always-on business

“When we continually talk about work-life balance, we set ourselves up to be disappointed,” says University of Texas associate professor Dawna Ballard. In one of Collabosphere’s top-rated sessions, Dr. Ballard explained an alternate way to find peace in this era of 24/7 connectivity and ever-increasing expectations.

Michael Sampson’s make-or-break user adoption strategies

The majority of social business initiatives fail. Real organizational change comes not from technology, but from your people and your culture. Author and collaboration expert Michael Sampson shared his best practices for boosting user adoption.

Phil Simon’s 7 rules for fixing broken communication

As Saul Goodman once reminded Jesse Pinkman, some who walk amongst us are “immune to good advice.” Why, for instance, is it so hard to cut the cord with email? Why do so many businesses insist on a “more is more” philosophy when it comes time for mission statements? Message Not Received author Phil Simon offers his best tips for breaking bad habits. (Phil’s mic is off for his first few seconds on stage, but stay with us.)

Project management: best practices for smooth sailing with iMeet Central

We were thrilled to have Norwegian Cruise Line’s Leah McKenney join us to detail how implementing iMeet Central (then Central Desktop)—and leveraging email notifications, live editing, customized dashboards, scheduling, reporting and more—solved project management challenges for NCL’s marketing department. “We were routing actual job jackets with our traffic manager, so once a project was done, it was printed off and put in the bin, and it sat there until our traffic manager had the time to route it to the next step.” No more.

Workflow and automation: iMeet Central best practices

Those tired myths of robots taking over your job are grossly exaggerated. Well, kind of. Using our advanced workflow and automation capabilities can alleviate all sorts of unnecessary clicks, emails, reminders and so much more. Lauren Nunn, iMeet Central’s senior implementation consultant, shared ways you can buy time back to your day and stay more organized than ever.

Bruno Gralpois on building agency-client relationships that thrive

Best-selling author Bruno Gralpois looked into assortative mating theories, biology and other surprising fields of study to find answers to a critical question: what makes the best agency-client relationships flourish while so many others flounder?

David Burk on the creative’s guide to shark tank collaboration

What do creatives really want from account teams? What do project managers really expect from creatives? Electron Shop CEO David Burk found some surprising—and colorful—answers during his time with agencies big and small.

Panel: how to master your project management

What are the newest challenges facing project management professionals? Is agile really “all that”? How are efficiency-minded PMs using technology? This lively panel drew on experiences direct from the today’s agency frontlines. Many thanks to our great panelists: Leopard’s Melissa Gordon and Shannon Leighton, Y&R’s Nada Saidi Smith, and PGi’s own Wendy Niebank.

Post by Adam McKibbin

Adam McKibbin is the content marketing manager for iMeet Central. His writing has been featured in Adweek, the Chicago Tribune and The Nation, and he’s produced content for some of the leading tech brands on the Fortune 500.