Case study: Javelin

Javelin is a forward-thinking, data-driven marketing agency with an eye-opening portfolio that includes powerhouse clients like AT&T and ING. Javelin sought to alleviate inefficiencies in their internal work processes, allowing for more collaboration and, ultimately, a greater volume of completed projects. Initial attempts to find a tool came up short.

Along came iMeet Central.

“The fast, secure and scalable architecture of iMeet Central allows Javelin to scale quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. That trifecta of awesome is hard to find,” says Michael Radigan, Javelin’s senior vice president, digital and technology.

Javelin’s project managers now “live and breathe” within iMeet Central on a daily basis, automating recurring parts of their daily workflow. Creatives share inspiration with colleagues and external users with Moodboards – the first online idea board designed specifically for agencies within a collaboration tool. Not only have communication and collaboration improved but so, says global head of client services Tina Posey, have the agency’s end products for their clients.

View the full case study to learn:

  • Why iMeet Central saves substantial time for agency PMs
  • Javelin’s tips on successful implementation and user adoption
  • How the team got creatives on board
  • The transformational effect on the agency’s task management
Post by Adam McKibbin

Adam McKibbin is the content marketing manager for iMeet Central. His writing has been featured in Adweek, the Chicago Tribune and The Nation, and he’s produced content for some of the leading tech brands on the Fortune 500.