User experience designer

Irvine, CA

We create software that helps teams manage and keep track of their work. Our product aims to hit the sweet spot where spreadsheets and Dropbox aren’t enough, but SharePoint is too much.

Fast-forward one year…

Thanks for the great work you’ve done in your first year as a user experience designer for iMeet® Central. With your help, we were able to launch a major revamp of our project management interface. Your thorough prototyping and usability testing were key to satisfying the needs of our existing customers as well as our future customers.

You were much more than a wireframe monkey. Your contributions were key to our product strategy. Your user research directly helped form the product roadmap. You excel not only at solving design problems, but figuring out which problems we should solve.

Your constant sketching with dry-erase markers has ruined several articles of your clothing, but our users appreciate the sacrifice.

What we’re looking for

You must have:

  • This is a mid- to senior-level role. You must have a minimum of 2 years experience designing user interfaces (5+ years for a senior role).
  • Above all else, you must have strong interaction design skills. Can you design interfaces that work well for users of varying types and skill levels?
  • Experience planning, conducting, and drawing insights from qualitative user research
  • You need to understand the technical capabilities and limitations of the web, and it would be helpful if you can translate your designs to markup and CSS (they don’t have to be functional!)
  • A solid grasp of typography, color, and layout. We don’t expect you to be an expert visual designer or an illustrator, but you will need to do more than just low-fidelity wireframes. We prefer Sketch, but you can use any software you’d like
  • Generate design ideas both individually and with members of the product and engineering teams
  • Develop wireframes, paper prototypes, or whatever it takes to validate your design ideas as well as communicate your design decisions
  • Perform user interviews and usability tests, remotely and occasionally in-person
  • Execute the visual design for your work
  • Work tactically alongside engineers to help build the interfaces you designed
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders (Support, Sales, Executives) to understand business needs and user pain points
Bonus points for…
  • A degree in interaction design, industrial design, or similar field related to human-computer interaction
  • Experience with mobile and/or responsive design
  • Visual design skills above and beyond the fundamentals. If you have motion design or animation experience, we will be blown away.
  • Copywriting skill. After all, interfaces are mostly words!
  • Strong front-end development skills. Experience working with Git would be great, and proficiency in Javascript will really get our attention.
  • Experience with quantitative user research
Your portfolio
  • A link to your online portfolio, or PDF if necessary, is required. Applications without a portfolio will not be considered.
  • If parts of your portfolio involved group work, please explain your specific role in the project.
  • Briefly explain in your cover letter why you are a particularly excellent candidate for this job and what parts of your portfolio are especially relevant.


Email us at jobs@imeetcentral.com with:
A *PERSONALIZED* cover letter
Your resume/CV
Link to your portfolio
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